1. How do I join AFREhealth?

AFREhealth has the following four categories and dues for membership:  individual, institutional, student and international (for individuals and institutions outside Africa), within which you can join:

  1. Individual Member: US$50
  2. Institutional Member: US$500
  3. Student Member: No charge for undergraduate students which include those pursuing a diploma, certificate or a bachelor’s degree.  Students at the postgraduate level (Masters, Ph.D.) pay the individual member fee of US$50.
  4. International Member (Individuals and Institutions based outside Africa) pay a fee based on the World Bank Classification below: 

Dues Range for Institutions outside Africa:

                    US$250 for Low Income (flexible)

                    US$500 for Lower Middle-Income

                    US$1,000 for Upper Middle-Income

                    US$2,000 for High Income

Dues Range for Individuals outside Africa:

                    US$10 for Low Income

                    US$25 for Lower Middle-Income

                    US$50 for Upper Middle-Income

                    US$75 for High Income

You can join AFREhealth by completing a membership registration form at these links:

  1. For individual members: https://afrehealth.org/registration/individual-regular-membership
  2. For Institutional members: https://afrehealth.org/registration/institutional-registration
  3. For student members: https://afrehealth.org/registration/student-membership
  4. For International members: https://afrehealth.org/registration/international-registration

2. How do I pay for membership?

1. Individual membership

Visa and Mastercard - online to Stanbic Bank, Kumasi, Ghana
Mobile Money - direct payments to the AFREhealth MTN Mobile Money Account for MTN Mobile Money users
Credit card - online to Stanbic Bank, Kumasi, Ghana

2. Institutional membership

Bank/Wire Transfer and Credit Card (link)

3. Student membership

AFREhealth does not charge membership fees for ALL students at the undergraduate level. This includes students undertaking certificate and diploma courses.

4. International membership

Bank/Wire Transfer and Credit Card (link)

3. Why should I join AFREhealth?

AFREhealth gives you the opportunity to:

1. As an individual:

  • Be a part of a conglomerate of inter-professionals, institutions and associations with vast experience across Africa that want to achieve excellence in health professions’ education, research and service.
  • Connect, collaborate and network with other research professionals and institutions across different health and related disciplines to share relevant high quality, evidence-based healthcare and education solutions
  • Grow professionally via e-learning opportunities and international linkages and help build the capacity of the next generation of health professionals.
  • Access data and partners on grant and research opportunities

2. As an institution:

  • Gain access to funding opportunities and become eligible to receive AFREhealth grants as well as provide strength and weight to grant applications.
  • Connect with experienced, renowned academics and institutional leaders at leading universities, academic institutions, and national, regional and global health professions’ education and research organizations who can 1) advise on policy development, accreditation, regulation, education, expert opinions, scientific collaborations and working groups and research, and 2) fill a health education and research gap in your institution.
  • Expand your institutional knowledge by engaging in student clinical exchanges, sharing resources and publications, and accessing university libraries.
  • Broaden exposure to national, regional, and global audiences through peer-reviewed publications.
  • Contribute to AFREhealth’s Communities of Practice such as interprofessional education and research, primary health, medicine, surgery, medical and surgical specializations, nursing and midwifery, advanced nursing practice, medical education and research, and health policy.
  • Become a part of AFREhealth’s continental-wide constituency that advocates for health professions education, research, and service.
  • Easily access health and academic expertise by advertising available health and academic jobs, internships, and consultancies on AFREhealth’s website.

3. As a student:

  • Participate in the Annual Symposium, Technical Working Groups, webinars and discussion forums
  • Be a part of inter-professional education exchanges that occur south-to-south and south-to north on global health
  • Contribute to AFREhealth’s blog and quarterly newsletter on relevant health-related topics
  • Gain access to research funds and mentorships, academic journals and database of experts, and fellowships
  • Retrieve a repository of joint African research articles and publications that is organized by various health-related categories and African languages
  • Engage in peer mentorships for emerging academics
  • Search for critical reader services of publications and online critique of articles before peer review
  • Receive discounts on registration fees to AFREhealth’s Annual Symposium, webinars and workshops.

*Students cannot be elected to any governance structure of AFREhealth.

4. As an international individual, or institution outside Africa,

  • Enjoy all the benefits of regular individual and institutional members (see above) , but also
  • Gain access to multiple African research centers and universities for networking, collaborating on best practices and coordinating activities
  • Participate in opportunities and platforms for sharing your expertise and experience.
  • Access valuable education, research, and service content such as best practices, systematic reviews,

4. Who are the members of AFREhealth?

AFREhealth members are made up of physicians, doctors, surgeons,nurses, midwives, researchers, pharmacists, scientists, virologists, public health experts, radiologists, physiotherapists, economists, medical engineers, nutritionists, dieticians, veterinarians and anyone interested in health professions education, research and service.

5. What is the AFREhealth membership cycle? 

Membership follows the calendar year and is due on 1st January every year.Initial invoices are sent out in early November, a second notice in early December (to pay for the coming year), and the third and final notice in early January.  Members have until 31st March to pay the annual membership fees. Non payment results in a forfeit of benefits.

6. Does an institutional membership mean that everyone at that institution belongs to AFREhealth?

Yes. This membership is subject to confirmation by the institution.

7. Does AFREhealth pro-rate membership fees?

8. Who reviews my membership application and how long does the process take?

AFREhealth’s Secretariat’s office reviews your application and sends you a notification confirming your membership within 10 business days.

9. Do I get an AFREhealth member number? 

Yes. You will receive a unique AFREhealth member number.

10. Can I join an AFREhealth Technical Working Group?

Yes, You can indicate your interest in an AFREhealth Technical Working Group in your membership application(individual applications only).

11.  Can I apply for membership simultaneously with the  Annual Symposium registration?


12.  How do I change my contact information with AFREhealth?

You can update your information through AFREhealth’s website.


For further information:

For further information, please contact AFREhealth’s membership department in the AFREhealth Secretariat’s office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Office - +233(0)3224-96882; Mobile- +233(0)508-351306

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