Subcommittees are appointed to oversee key Forum activities, such as education, research capacity strengthening, advocacy, finance and fund raising.

The general function of a Subcommittee is to strengthen AFREhealth’s activities across health research, education and service as expressed in the Constitution. Committees make recommendations concerning improving AFREhealth’s activities; gather and disseminate information on good practices, training modules, opportunities and research; facilitate partnership development; improve articulation and coordination of activities between members.

List of AFREhealth Subcommittees:

Student Advisory

The Student Advisory Subcommittee oversees and ensures global exposure is realized among AFREhealth institutions through shared learning. The subcommittee seeks to ensure collaborative practice is fostered through joint research projects among AFREhealth student and also promote professional networking and scientific forum exposure of AFREhealth students

Chair- Dr. Rose Chalo Nabirye, Busitema University, Uganda

Skills development and Training

The Skills development and Training Subcommittee ensures that skills need, and gaps are identified among members to determine training priorities for AFREhealth based on its short- and long-term needs. They develop a training plan based on the priorities identified for the approval of the Executive Committee, provide strategic guidance and leadership in the governance and quality control for all AFREhealth training initiatives. They also disseminate the training plan to the members of AFREhealth, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the training plan and periodically revise the plan.

Chair- Prof Victoria Bam, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Advocacy and communication

The Advocacy and Communication Subcommittee seeks to identify advocacy issues, prioritise them and recommend strategies to address them. They recommend ways AFREhealth can empower its members to communicate and disseminate information to the public and policymakers to contribute to improving the health of Africans. They identify issues that supports health professions education, research, and service activities to improve health outcomes for the African, review and approve webinars to be run by AFREhealth or circulated to the AFREhealth community.  They also develop and review communication strategy for AFREhealth and approve AFREhealth quarterly Newsletters (AFREhealth  News).

Chair- Dr. Faith Nawagi, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Uganda


The role of the Research Subcommittee is to identify avenues for expanding collaborative health research and research training. They seek to develop and periodically review an AFREhealth policy for research and oversee its implementation as well as the evaluation of policy effectiveness. They also encourage and create interest among AFREhealth members to participate in the organizations research initiatives/projects, develop, share, implement and evaluate strategies for advancing multidisciplinary and multi-country health research.

Chair- Prof Emilia Noormahomed, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

Membership and public relations

AFREhealth’s Membership and Public Relations (M & PR) Subcommittee plays an important role in its efforts to recruit and retain AFREhealth members. This Subcommittee serves as the backbone for member growth and engagement and helps identify opportunities to improve member involvement and the overall membership experience. This Subcommittee seeks to achieve membership recruitment and retention goals set by the AFREhealth Governing Council. The M & PR Subcommittee also increases and improves public awareness of AFREhealth and helps keep AFREhealth members and the broader African health professions education, research and service community informed and up to date on organizational events and activities.

Chair-Dr Moses Simuyemba, University of Zambia, Zambia  

Finance and fund development

The role of the Finance and Fund Development Subcommittee is primarily to support AFREhealth Governing Council and Executive Committee in providing financial oversight for AFREhealth. Typically, they assist the Governing Council in carrying out its due diligence function related to Finance and Fund Development. The Subcommittee shall also evaluate specific financial strategy initiatives as requested by the Governing Council or Executive Committee of AFREhealth.

 Chair- Prisca Olabisi Adejumo, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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