Title: Academic Survival Amidst COVID-19

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Towards a solution for faculty shortage
Leveraging e-learning experiences from MakCHS
Has E-learning rescued the learning situation

Date: 8th October, 2020

Glory Ibrahim, Kilimanjaro Christian University College, Tanzania;
Ireneous Dasoberi, Senior Program Manager, AFREhealth

1 st Speaker: Has e-learning rescued the learning situation?
Heavenlight Luzinge, LMS Specialist, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) – 10 mins

2nd Speaker: The PharmaFrog App: Towards a solution for faculty shortage
Dativa Tibyampansha, Research Associate Institute of Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Computer Science (IMBEI),
University Medical Center Mainz, Germany – 10 mins

3rd Speaker: Leveraging e-learning to rescue the learning situation during COVID-19 pandemic - experiences and lessons learned from Makerere University College of Health Sciences
Dr. Mubuuke Gonzaga Roy, PhD, Department of Radiology, School of Medicine,
College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Uganda - 10 mins

Panel Discussion/Q & A from the Audience (30 mins)

Supported by NIH-Fogarty Grant No. 1R25TW011217-01 African Association for Health Professions Education and Research